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Beginning on May 2, 2016, the District Office hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Atascadero Unified's April Newsletter

Atascadero Unified's 1:1 Student Computer Plan Starts at Santa Rosa Academic Academy 
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Atascadero Wrestler Tannen Soojian is The Tribune’s County Wrestler of the Year
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Atascadero High School has created new Career Pathways videos to help students choose their path at AHS.

Agricultural Mechanics

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Welcome to Atascadero Unified School District, where we are dedicated to students and committed to excellence. One of the unique strengths of AUSD is the talent and teamwork that is exemplified by our students and staff. Through this talent and teamwork we aim to produce the top students in the nation who are college, career, and citizenship ready. In addition to our world class graduate profile, we also set high expectations for our students, staff, and parents through our core values: 

Respect: We respect the views of others and cultivate positive relationships built on trust and accountability.

Integrity: We are honest and trustworthy. We aspire to the highest standards in all we do.

Teamwork: We recognize the talent of our students, staff, and community to provide a world class education through talent and teamwork.

Excellence: We aim for the highest levels of performance and academic achievement.

Thomas Butler, Superintendent

Shaping Students for the Future through Talent and Teamwork - Preparing the Top Students in the Nation


  • AUSD is an academically high performing school district. 
  • AUSD has high expectations for its students to be career, college and citizenship ready. 
  • AUSD consistently achieves excellence in academics, agriculture, the arts and athletics. 
  • AUSD demonstrates effective teaching and learning for every student in every class every day.


At Atascadero USD, we strive for our students to be characterized by the following six qualities.

Our graduates are critical thinkers. They observe, wonder, create, and have the ability to solve real world problems. They are effective communicators conveying their thoughts and responses clearly and comprehensively. They have highly refined reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. We emphasize the importance of being a team player, and instill in our graduates the value of collaboration. As self-directed individuals, students at Atascadero USD accept responsibility for their education. They work to their full potential and value learning as a lifelong skill. We push our graduates to be college and career ready scholars, ready to navigate the pathways that connect education and employment to a productive, rewarding and secure life. Finally, our graduates are responsible and contributing citizens who display integrity and civic responsibility and positively contribute to their communities.