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Back to School Electronic Data Confirmation

**You will need to complete the Data Confirmation process for each student you have enrolled with Atascadero Unified School District.**

Follow These Steps to Complete the Process
You can print out and use these flow chart directions (English, Spanishor just follow the steps below.

1.  You will need an Aeries Parent Portal account in order to revise and confirm your child's data. 
    • Aeries Parent Portal accounts are now automated so every Parent/Guardian with an email address on file should have received an email providing your username and password.   
    • If you already have an Aeries Parent Portal account, skip to Step 2. 
    • If you know you did not receive an automated email, please reach out to your student's school site. 
    • If you are unsure if you received the automated email, please visit the Portal login, click "Forgot Password" and follow the prompts. 
    • If you followed the "Forgot Password" prompts and your email address is not recognized, please reach out to your student's school site for them to see which email address is on file.

2.  Log in using the Aeries Parent Portal Login and complete the data revision/confirmation process for each student enrolled with AUSD. Copies of documents and forms that are part of the process are available below.

3.  When you have completed Electronic Data Confirmation, please sign and return the Data Confirmation Signature Page.  This page can be located on the Final Data Confirmation page or can be provided by the school or available below.  Your student's school site does need this signed page for each student you have enrolled with AUSD so please make sure you print, sign and bring all to the School Office. 

Data Confirmation for Elementary Students
Data Confirmation for Secondary Students
     4.  Read the Annual Notification to Parents, sign and return the Annual Notification to Parent Signature Form provided by the
     school or available below, and return to the school office.
     5.  Students new to a school will also need to read the Responsible Use Agreement, sign and return the Responsible Use 
     Agreement Signature Page provided by the school or available below, and return to the school office.